“Two Mat Set System” For Corvettes With Lloyd Mats

Corvette guys–and gals–are fussy. We should know, we’re dyed-in-the-wool ‘Vette wingnuts. We love everything about Chevy’s plastic two-seater. The history, the speed, the performance and yes, the image.

Most importantly, we dig the way the Corvette looks

Every plastic Chevy fan knows when they were first bitten by the Corvette “bug.” We suggest the “fever” that follows shortly after the bite acutely targets the brain and eyeballs.

Shiny curved fiberglass, coke-bottle waistlines, peaked fenders and sanitary, space-age cockpits are etched in our psyches for the rest of our lives and irrational thoughts and behavior ensue.

There is no known cure.

Caution: Corvette bug bite results in crazy desire for the perfect ‘Vette

The Corvette is rolling art and this is glorified–to the delight of all–at show and shines across the country. Getting a Corvette to look just right either in a show environment or in everyday driving is easy if you know the right tips and tricks

We all know that an impeccable exterior is a key element of a killer Corvette, but a top notch interior presentation is just as crucial. Like they say, “The Gods live in the details..” 

Bottom line? We want our interiors to look as perfect as possible and match the exterior in fit, finish and cleanliness…

Here at Corvette Online, we believe in the “Two Mat Set System” that we’ve adhered to for years.  Simply put, we have one set of mats for everyday use and another set for show and shine days.

When we were at SEMA last year we stopped by the Lloyd Mats exhibit and were impressed with what we saw.

We’ve been fan of Lloyd Mats for years and after talking with the company head honchos, we wrangled a tour of their facility up in Northridge, CA.

We combined this trip with picking up two sets of mats we ordered from Lloyd for our in-house C4 project car “Red Haired Step Child.”

Two mat sets is the ticket to your Corvette looking it’s best…Our 1995 Corvette project car “Red Haired Step Child” was treated to just that.

The deployment of the “Two Mat Set System” for our C4 consisted of the everyday “Velourtex” and a set of premium “Ultimat” for a killer show and shine look.

LEFT - We chose Velourtex for everyday, although they're nice enough to be designated the "good stuff." We went with the correct Corvette logo on these ones. Love it. RIGHT - The Ulitmat set (with rear mat too) is luscious and extremely high quality. We went with '90s era crossed flag logos for this set. PS, ordering these online--exactly the way we wanted--was easy breezy.

We also opted for a rear cargo mat that we will install after we yank the 10-disc CD changer out of the area and utilize said mat to hide the cuts in factory carpeting made years ago.

The Velourtex really matches the factory carpet and looks like it will wear forever.  The Ultimats are just that, really nice, high end mats with a custom cut that fits perfectly. They will be bagged and only displayed when we show the car.

We went with “Torch Red”carpet for both sets–the color of the factory mats–but customized each set with unique logos and colors.

Here’s a shot of both styles side-by-side, so you can get an idea of the different looks.

Voila! LEFT - Old , RIGHT - New. A high quality mat set can cover stains, mishaps and sins of previous owners. It's the best bang for the buck for an interior upgrade.

Lloyd has a total of eight products to choose from, including two new mat entries, Camo and Berber 2.  Lloyd isn’t just for ‘Vettes either, they make mats for most vehicles, makes and models. Go here for complete product line-up. 

What strikes your fancy?

Because the mats are custom designed, cut and created, the color and trim combos are almost limitless.  If  you can think it up, Lloyd most likely can make you a set.

The company has a very interesting backstory and a key component of its reputation for top-notch quality in the aftermarket floor mat business.

From humble beginnings, this is an early example of a Lloyd area carpet.

Lloyd Mats began life as a maker of tapestries and custom carpets way back in 1974. They began manufacturing custom fit floor and cargo mats for the automotive aftermarket in 1978.

By 1999, Lloyd Mats became company owned when it was purchased from Lloyd Levine…Yes there really was a Lloyd of Lloyd Mats!

Seventeen of these dedicated employee owners/mat experts, have over have 20 years with Lloyd Mats, led by President and CEO Brendan Dooley who has been with Lloyd’s since 1975.

When you’ve been in the mat business as long as Lloyd, a byproduct is the most complete library of vehicle application-specific patterns in the industry. In fact, Lloyd has over 12,000 unique patterns for almost any car ever made.

To say that no two sets of mats are the same isn’t a bunch of blue sky, marketing biz blab either.

This is how it all started. Paper templates and tools like this vintage cutter. They still use it if a real unique car request comes in.

They can custom tailor anchoring device type and location, seating configurations, interior color options and logos. Lloyd Mats offers more colors, logos, vehicle fitments and product types than any other mat company.

Lloyd has state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

Visiting their inconspicuous, beige, one story facility in the heart of the Valley in Southern California was good fun.  You’d never guess that a “Willy Wonka” like factory was in full-tilt, boogie mode inside.  If you love television shows about factories–which we do–this was a treat for the senses. Very cool.

Huge cutters “print” designs onto huge rolls of carpet. Today they are making gray mats…

CAD/CAM rules here and result in endless possibilities. From 12,000 stored patterns to templates captured from paper blueprints, the process from computer to cutter works seemlessly.

What started with an essentially hand cut and sewn process is now a state of the art CAD/CAM facility with all the associated precision.  We especially dug the happy workers, the zippy cutting machines and the vast selection of logos, thread choices and binding material options.

Everything here to make your mats just right. Thread and welting colors as well as most any logo for any year Corvette...

Lloyd Mats are “local” and part of the community before doing so was hip. While some items are imported, the vast majority of their products are designed and made right here in Southern California and that’s something that’s important to us Corvette owners.  Check out their website and where to buy Lloyd Mats here

Details matter when heading to the local car show…

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