When building your high horsepower street or racing application, the components that make up the drivetrain should be every bit as important as what’s under the hood supplying the juice. Included in that mixture is the differential unit, and the folks at Yukon Gear & Axle have produced a full line of locking differentials aimed at increased strength in every fact of their design. Their new Grizzly line of differentials is a mechanical locking design that sports a forged chromoly casing that houses all 8620 chromoly internal components.

This patent-pending design reduces the failures commonly found in many OEM and aftermarket lockers on the market, and features a design of the disengagement teeth with a larger radius that makes them up to four times stronger than other lockers. The Grizzly line is primarily aimed at rear wheel drive domestic performance vehicles, as well as diesel performance and drag racing applications.

The Grizzly locker units are available for popular rear end housings for domestic applications such as the Ford 9-inch and Dana 60, as well as the Chrysler 11.5″, Dana 44, Ford 8.8″, 8.8″, GM 14T and 11.5″. Grizzly lockers for the Dana 30, ford 10.25″, and GM 8.5″ are forthcoming in early to mid-2011.