Wiseco’s Pro True line of pistons has always represented a huge value for the money, offering forged slugs with high-end features without the high end price. Unfortunately, LS engines have been left out of the mix – until now, that is. The newest addition to the Pro True lineup is their PT124, which is designed to use stock (or stock-dimension aftermarket) rods with .943″ pin diameter.

They’re ideal for budget-minded builds where piston quality is important, and they’ve got a lot of the features you would normally find in a high quality set of Wiseco Pistons – All applications are CNC machined with symmetrical valve pockets and feature pressure fed pin oiling with precision finished full floating pins.

  • Small .090” dome adds 4cc to raise compression slightly from stock
  • Designed for nitrous use – .280″ top land, 2618 forged alloy
  • Valve pockets accommodate LS1/LS2/LS3/LS6 stock cylinder heads and any cathedral port aftermarket head
  • ArmorGlide® skirt coating and a skirt shape that make these some of the best wearing, quietest forged pistons on the market
  • Available in bore sizes from 3.903″-4.075″
  • Kit includes pistons, rings, pins, and clips
  • Retail price: $886.05