Because a wastegate is essentially the controlling element in a turbocharger system, quality, function, and performance are very much crucial in their design. Here at SEMA, Turbosmart is featuring their newly-released Comp-Gate 40 wastegate – a redesign of an older model that has reduced it’s overall size while increasing it’s ease of maintenance and performance.

With the Comp-Gate40, Turbosmart has completely changed the way wastegates are made, with a new screw-on, locking c-collar design that can be easily taken apart for a quick changing of the the spring. It also sports O-rings, affording tremendous heat capability that will take much higher EGT’s. This new design has been in the works for a year and half.

The new body profile offers superior flow with a compact size with a unique actuator housing design that allows for indexing of the cap in 12 positions. The new, smaller size is designed to fit in tight engine bays, as its over 25% smaller than Turbosmart’s previous offerings. This wastegate unit is suitable for high performance turbocharged vehicles with an external wastegate turbo system.

  • Unique actuator housing design utilizing a screw-on locking ring
  • Optimal flow path through body
  • Small in physical size; only 99mm tall
  • Excellent heat handling characteristics
  • One-peice, coated, stainless steel valve
  • Available in black or blue