Snow Performance Comp/One – Water/Methanol Injection With A Tune

Water/methanol injection is one of those performance upgrades that’s good by itself, but really shines when combined with something else. It’s “octane on demand,” which makes it a perfect companion for boosted applications, but to get the most out of it, your engine needs to be tuned to take advantage of the full potential for added power. Snow Performance, a perennial leader in water/methanol injection, has combined intelligent control of the injection system with a full-featured tuner for an industry-first solution that they say is the most advanced available today. The Comp/One system, available for both gasoline and diesel applications, interfaces through your vehicle’s OBDII port and utilizes a dash-mounted touch screen monitor/programmer to get as much as 25% more power out of your turbo or supercharged vehicle.

In diesel applications, the Comp/One allows safely stacking of the programmer’s “hot tune” with the additional 70 horsepower bump provided by the water/methanol injection for total gains of up to 250+ horsepower and 500+ pound-feet of torque, while actually reducing combustion temperatures to keep EGT under control. Owners of newer diesels will appreciate the fact that hot tunes can be used without damaging the particulate filter, or putting the engine into constant, fuel-economy-killing regeneration. With water/methanol injection, soot and NOx emissions are significantly reduced.

The system features:

  • Dash mounted monitor/programmer
  • The most advanced water-methanol system programming
  • No need to buy a separate tuner, water-methanol injection system, gauges, diagnostic code reader tool, and performance monitor
  • Plug-and-play installation through OBDII diagnostic port
  • All functions controlled through one touch screen
  • Virtual dashboard allows custom gauge displays
  • Virtual dragstrip function confirms power gains through on-the-road testing

Part Numbers:

  • Gasoline – #48010
  • Diesel – #48015

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