If you have ever thought about upgrading to electronic fuel injection, Affordable EFI is unleashing an affordable and complete fuel injection kit to the industry through their Optimum EFI series. They call it Optimum EFI, because it gives you “optimum serviceability, optimum drivability, and optimum fuel economy,” explained Norm Witte of Affordable EFI. “We’ve taken some technologies that are kind of on the market now, but we’ve made it into what I would call a more bulletproof unit. We’ve got an ECM that is an industrial-level ECM, and it’s built in the United States.”

There are some really cool aspects to these systems beyond just being affordable — they are cutting-edge. The system uses some of the latest chip-set technologies and a Bosch 4.9 wide-band oxygen sensor for self-tuning purposes. Another feature is that they have OBDII diagnostics built in for the system. You can just plug in your reader and know what is going on.

This is also the only, truly progressive four-barrel throttle-body fuel injection system on the market. It runs on a set of primaries just like a regular four-barrel carburetor, and you start bringing it into the secondaries and the rear injectors start phasing in until they are at full flow.

“When we sell this system, we sell it complete with spark control, fuel pump, and everything else,” Norm explained. They don’t start with a base price, they start with the price for the complete system and they can back off of that if they want. The base price really gives you everything that you need — other than fuel lines, an air cleaner assembly, a throttle cable, and a throttle cable bracket. Everything else is included.”