SEMA 2017: Odyssey Battery’s Durable Pure Lead And AGM Batteries

High power demands require equally high demand from a battery — but all too often, a battery can’t keep up nor be a “jack of all trades.” Odyssey Battery, however, has aimed to erase that with their lineup of pure-lead batteries with both high-cranking performance and deep cycle reserve power.

Traditional batteries are made to do one thing — either they’re made to start or they’re made to cycle. What really makes Odyssey different and unique from a traditional battery is that we can do both. – Aaron Woodruff, Odyssey Batteries

“Traditional batteries are made to do one thing — either they’re made to start or they’re made to cycle. What really makes Odyssey different and unique from a traditional battery is that we can do both,” says Odyssey’s Aaron Woodruff. “It’s a true two-in-one. We’ve got very high cranking and deep cycling capabilities. For instance, in an application like a Jeep with the lights and radios and winches and all of that, you can handle all of those additional accessories. In addition to that being pure lead it recharges faster than traditional lead-calcium, and the service life is unmatched. They’re very rugged, very durable, and you’ll never experience any corrosion on your terminals or cables.”

The Odyssey batteries are made of 99.99 percent pure lead flat plates — such plates can be made thinner, allowing more of them to be fit into the battery. More plates equals more plate surface area and in turn more power. Odyssey says their batteries can provide cranking pulses in excess of 2250 amps for five seconds and can handle 400 charge-discharge cycles to 80 percent depth of discharge. This, they say, makes the Odyssey battery perfect for automotive, marine, commercial, and power sports applications.

One such battery in the line is the PC1500DT, which slides into Odysseys’ Extreme Series catalog. This battery has side terminals that are pure brass, which Woodruff says makes them unsusceptible to heating up and then dropping off. “You don’t have go to back and torque it all the time, because brass is sturdy and mechanically stronger than lead,” he says.

One of Odyssey’s newest products is the 94R, which is an AGM (absorbed glass mat) style battery. Traditional batteries, Woodruff shares, are built with free-flowing electrolyte. In an AGM, all of that electrolyte is stored in an absorbent glass mat pad in between the positive and negative plates. Woodruff describes it like a kitchen sink sponge, wherein you can put water in it and as long as you don’t oversaturate it, it won’t drip. The batteries are saturated to 92 percent of their capability, so if the battery is compromised in any way it won’t leak.

The way the internal plates are stacked, they begin 1/3 taller than the case of the battery, and they’re compressed down and shoved into the battery, so there’s no area for the plates to move around and rattle. This, Woodruff says, creates a very durable and stable battery for applications that might be going over bumps or climbing.

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