Based out of Tacoma, Washington, Flex-A-Lite is most known as the go-to folks for its cooling solutions which span classic to late-model musclecars, full size trucks and SUVs and LS swapped vehicles. On the floor in Las Vegas at SEMA 2017, we got to catch up with Cole Quinnell, the company’s cooling guru extraordinaire.

“We’ve got three new product announcements this year,” Cole told us. “The first and biggest news is that we’ve created an entirely new line of high-performance automatic transmission and engine oil coolers. These are highly-efficient and are designed for high-performance applications.”

Flex-A-Lite Transmission Coolers

According to Cole, the line of new coolers is constructed completely out of aluminum. This is for two important reasons – light weight, and extremely-quick cooling times. Aluminum rises to temperature and returns to ambient very quickly, which means they will dissipate heat much better. The name of the game is stronger, and more durable, thanks to Flex-A-Lite’s “Stack-Plate Technology,” says Cole.

“The engine oil coolers use a thicker core,” Cole explained. “Our engine oil coolers provide more than four times the cooling capacity when compared to an OEM application or an entry-level piece.” More on Cole’s plate was the Flex-A-Chill fans which move more than 2,600 cfm of air and only use 2 amps of power – talk about the power of cooling. For more info on Flex-A-Lite’s products available, we invite you to check out its website here.

Cool new fans as well. Se what I did there?