SEMA 2013: Royal Purple Adds New Oil Products, Cleaners, Stabilizers

IMG_0576When it comes to fluids for your car, synthetic fluids have been very popular for many performance applications. Synthetic formulas allow for more/better additives, and they typically have much higher boiling points than conventional fluids. The lubrication properties in oils and lubes have allowed components to work smoother and keep friction to a minimum, and to keep engines running better – allowing the synthetic to coat all components, reducing friction inside the engine as well.

IMG_0575One company that has been producing a complete line of synthetic oils, additives, lubes and other products is Royal Purple, and they are continually adding new products to their lineup. They showed us some of their new products at SEMA, and gave us some insight on engine oil and fuel stabilizers that they have available.

One of their new lines of engine oil is HMX, which is designed for older, high mileage cars. With many of the latest strict EPA rules and regulations, vital additives in engine oils are disappearing, and many off-the-shelf conventional oils don’t contain additives that are beneficial to older engines. With products like HMX from Royal Purple, hardened seals are treated with their chemically enhanced oil, and with the addition of their zinc/phosphorus anti-wear additives, including their proprietary Synerlec, wear is minimized and lost engine performance can be restored.

IMG_0572Detergents in HMX help to remove engine deposits and promote engine longevity, and Synerlec technology reduces friction by providing a film on internal components. It’s recommended for cars older than 2004, and any four0cycle gas engine with more than 75,000 miles.

In addition to their new oil, Royal Purple also shows us their Max-Clean fuel stabilizer, which is a great additive for your fuel tank for vehicles that may sit over the cold winter months. It helps to clean fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers. It’s recommended for use between 3,000 and 10,000 miles, and will help keep your fuel system clean and stabilized. It also helps to reduce NOx and Co emissions, as well as reduce deposits on spark plugs and valves.


In addition to all of their products, the Ring Brothers, who partner with Royal Purple, displayed 'ADRNLN' - their custom Pantera build.

Two more new products from Royal Purple include their Max-Tane diesel fuel additive for year-round protection in diesel engines, and their Max-Boost octane booster and stabilizer. Max-Boost is a high performance octane booster that will treat your fuel and help to reduce emissions, and will work for just about any type of fuel system – and it’s safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

For more information on these and all other Royal Purple products, check out their web site. And stay tuned for a feature article on the Ring Brothers’ ADRNLN Pantera build.

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