1L6A0314As much as many of us live and breathe cars, there is no question that at some point, money becomes an issue. Personalizing, customizing, modifying, or whatever you want to call it… costs a lot of money. It is rare that we can run into someone and they don’t have ideas or a big wish list of things they would like to do, if only they had a bigger budget.

So, when we stopped by Prolong at the SEMA Show, we were quite happy to see that they continue to offer a full line of products designed to help protect and extend the life of key parts. The backbone of their products is their AFMT (Anti Friction Metal Treatment) technology. This patented technology is designed to bond with metals to provide an increased level of protection.

“AFMT bonds to engine parts to provide a level of protection, even on cold starts. This greatly reduces wear and improves the life of the engine,” says Jon Apogee, General Manager at Goldenwest Lubricants, Inc.

1L6A0313The oil additives can be used in conjunction with any type of engine oil. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using pure synthetic or standard motor oil, the Prolong engine treatment will do the same thing. In addition to the engine oil additives, Prolong was displaying their fuel system cleaners for both gas and diesel applications. These treatments aggressively clean the fuel system, while increasing lubricity thanks to the AFMT technology.

A new product for them is their Nitro 40. They have been offering Nitro 70 and 50 for years and they have been getting a ton of requests for something just a little lighter than the 50. So, after development, the 40 wt is finally available.