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SEMA 2013: Magnaflow Adds 50-State Legal Shorty Headers

IMG_4464GRJust like Olympic sports like high diving, being successful in the exhaust manufacturing business is measured both in terms of how well you execute, and in the “degree of difficulty” involved. Using high quality materials, bending tubes that fit the application like they should, and laying quality welds just get you an invitation to the games – to be a world-class competitor, you not only have to have the basics nailed. You have to take on the challenging tasks that separate “average” from “great.”

Magnaflow's long tube headers offer the same stainless steel construction and titanium ceramic coating.

Magnaflow’s long tube headers offer the same stainless steel construction and titanium ceramic coating.

That’s what Magnaflow has done consistently throughout their history, and they’re once again stepping up their game with a new line of ‘shorty’ headers headed for dealers in 2014. It’s not the shorty part that’s difficult; after all, Magnaflow offers long-tube headers for many popular V8 applications, and they’re often far more of a packaging challenge. No, the hard part here is building headers that make power, and yet still pass the California Air Resource Board’s tough emissions standards to make them truly 50-state street legal.

These new headers feature tuned-length primary tubes, stainless steel construction, and a durable, heat-resistant titanium ceramic coating that helps protect the headers and reduce underhood temperatures. Magnaflow will initially offer these headers for late model Dodge 5.7/6.4L cars, Modular Mustangs including the SN-95, s197, and Coyote, Fox-body Fords, LS1 Camaro/Firebird, C5 Corvette, LS3 and LS7 C6 Corvette, and the 5th Gen Camaro SS.

Keep an eye out for these new pipes in 2014, and check www.Magnaflow.com for emissions certification information and new applications.



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