Despite the old school LT1 name, the new LT1 engine is a stout beast. The factory canted valve heads offer a great valve angle and large ports. Livernois Motorsports, who are amongst the front runners in late model muscle technology, is offering a complete top end package for Chevy’s latest small-block.

“It’s a full Displacement on Demand and Variable Cam Timing delete system,” says Andy Ricketts of Livernois Motorsports. “With prolonged high RPM use, those system begin to develop problems. We want something that gives you the performance without the cost of durability.”

The kit comes as a complete bolt and go package. Everything from head studs, gaskets, assembled heads, cam, to the tuner is included. “Every part used in our Top End Kit is built in the USA,” continued Ricketts.

With supporting bolt on accessories like a full exhaust and intake, Livernois hopes that total power input will increase from 90 to 110 rwhp over stock. Helping aid in this increased power are cylinder heads that flow about 15% more than stock. “The flow is really optimized at the higher lift range,” explains Ricketts. “The factory head really falls off hard, even before .600” lift.

While the final cam specs are still being tweaked, but Livernois expects to be in the high 220s at .050 on intake duration, high 230s on exhaust, 117 LCA for good drivability, and an aggressive .650″ lift. “We are really looking to fill that middle ground of great drivabililty with the sound and performance people are looking for,” exclaimed Ricketts.

Not taking piston to valve clearance into account, Livernois has setup this head and valve spring package to handle up to .700 lift.