SEMA 2013: JRI JRide Smartphone Adjustable Coil-Overs

JRI Shocks was showing off their new JRide system at SEMA this year. The Jride Shock System is an electronically adjustable shock system, that can be adjusted on the fly via a JRI smart phone app.

The JRide system uses electronic system adjusts compression and rebound within one-tenth of a second. This is done by using electronically controlled valves mounted to the shocks. Adjustments can be made to each shock individually, or by linking them all together, or linking them by axle.

The adjustment range is extremely wide due to the design of the control system, and because it’s electronically controlled each adjustment step is even throughout the adjustment range, making for precision adjustments each time. “These are electronically controlled to be even every step of the way so the difference between a one and a two is the same as between and nine and an eight. You never end up in between settings so you always have a nice linear adjustment all the way through the range,” says JRI’s James Wyler.

The smartphone app can save multiple custom settings as defined by customer, so whether owners have JRide installed on a 4×4 or a track day racer they can choose presets based on conditions, easing future setup, and allowing for even more suspension tuning information.

Since JRI already builds shocks for everything from 4x4s, to street cars, racers, and powersports, the JRide system can be adapted to any packaging. Wyler says, “Since we already have the shock packaging for a wide range of applications, the JRide system can be adapted to any application we already build shocks for.”

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