JE Pistons has developed a performance line of direct replacement pistons for the new GM LT1 engine.

“You can order pistons for higher compression, or lower compression if you’re adding boost,” explains JE’s Sean Crawford. “They all come with factory direct-injection dish so it won’t affect the combustion efficiency.”

JE new line of LT1 pistons (shown above) feature factory-style DI dish designs that won’t affect combustion efficiency.

JE is also expanding its asymmetrical line of pistons for LS engines. (You can read more about this product here.) Some of the categories include LS7 inverted dome and LS7 dome along with a full range of dome, inverted dome and flattop for LS. These include popular bore and stroke combinations.

JE is also coming out with new FSR forgings for most Ford modular engines, including 2-, 3- and 4-valve applications. FSR stands for “forged side relief,” which means there is reduced skirt width and a shorter wrist pin when compared to traditional full-round forgings. The narrow skirt helps minimize piston contact with the cylinder wall, which reduces friction and power loss, and the shorter pin reduces overall rotating assembly weight.

The new applications include the Coyote engine in compression ratios ranging from 8.5:1 to 12.5:1.

In other news, JE stressed that turnaround time has returned to normal following the consolidation of manufacturing operations in Ohio. Some custom manufacturing will remain in California, but the majority is now fully online in Ohio.

“And we still have warehouses in both California and Ohio,” adds Crawford. “We have the largest inventory in the history of the company.”

Finally, JE says it will have an expanded line of diesel pistons coming soon.

JE is also expanding its line of pistons for the Ford Modular engine, including the Coyote.