SEMA 2013: Intercomp’s iRaceWeigh Smartphone Scale Module

Weighing and scaling a car are important aspects of a race setup. Wether that car is hitting the drag strip, or doing auto cross or road racing, having the weight of the car balanced is important, and Intercomp has been helping racers do that for quite some time.

Intercomp’s latest innovation is their iRaceWeigh system, an interface that sends data from their RS232 equipped scales directly to an iPhone or other iOS equipped device via a secure wireless network. The iRaceWeigh system can send that data to a spreadsheet for further tracking and logging. Scaling data can also be emailed directly from the iOS device.

So let’s say you’re setting up your car for the next race, and you want some advice on chassis setup, you can weigh the car, send the data to your chassis shop, or chassis tuner, and they can give you advice on your setup for the upcoming race (assuming the shop or tuner provides this service). This system represents the next evolution of Intercomp’s wireless scale technology. Intercomp’s Aaron VanHeel tells us “If you have one of our cable scale systems and want some wireless functionality, as long as it has that RS232 output, you can use the iRaceWeigh with it, and now you have wireless communication to your smartphone.”

The company also offers a traditional style wireless scale system, as well as a PC based scale system which can also create spreadsheets and allow racers and crews to track data on their car.

According to Van Heel the PC based version is very popular with drag racers, “The big thing is everyone is running a RacePack or they have aftermarket fuel injection, or some means of data logging, so they already have a laptop PC for their car, this gives them a lot better useability for their scale system, especially with it being wireless.”

“The handy thing with the iRaceWeigh is that most people have a smartphone, so being able to bring the data right back to your phone with the iRaceWeigh is a big advantage.”

The iRaceWeigh and PC Wireless Scale System are available through Intercomp directly, or via their network of dealers.

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