With wideband 02, data acquisition, OBD-II WiFi technology, Innovate Motorsports has dipped into many aspects of the automotive tuning market. Their new SCG-1 gauge is definitely a piece of work. “This is our first venture into boost control and actual vehicle control,” stated Cort Charles, Director of Innovate Motorsports.

This really is an amazing little gauge; all of the technology that the SCG-1 holds makes for one great all-in-one package. The gauge packs an intelligent boost controller, wideband air/fuel ratio controller, and programmable shift light. If you are wondering about data logging capabilities, it has that too. The SCG-1 also has a boost cut safety system that is completely user programmable, using air/fuel ratio and pressure based data. After the first boost cut, the gauge will allow the motor to build boost again, but if boost cut happens again, it will give you a warning that something is not right. It really is a great device to keep your investment safe and healthy.

Another great feature that we really liked is the vivid OLED display and also the fact that you do not need a computer to configure it. The user can configure everything right from the buttons on the face of the gauge, making it quick and easy. Charles also stated that the gauge will read up to 44 psi, when other competitors gauges max out at 29 psi. The readouts on the display are also customizable as well. You can even use this gauge with race fuels and ethanol, not just pump gas. If you’re looking for an awesome all-in-one gauge, check out Innovate Motorsports’ website!