There’s nothing hotter right now than LS engine swaps, and Holley has been at the forefront of that trend, even going so far as to put on the LS Fest where you can’t take two steps without bumping into some LS-powered car or truck that came with something totally different under the hood from the factory. While Holley’s accessory drive brackets have been around for a while, they’ve taken the next step in making things easier for would-be swappers by offering complete front drive kits that include components like A/C compressors, power steering pumps, and alternators.


IMG_4553GRThese kits are available with a range of different options including truck-style, F-body, or Corvette-type accessory positions, three different choices of air conditioning compressors (or a kit that omits it if you’re a “roll down the windows” kind of person) and they come complete with hardware and even the drive belts. The individual components are available a la carte as well for those looking to round out a partially-complete front drive setup or move the A/C compressor up high away from the framerails.

Also new this year is an improved-clearance LS retrofit oil pan – where the original Holley swap pan measured 5.890 inches from the flange to the lowest point, the new pan is just 5.463 inches deep overall. Both pans feature durable OEM-style cast construction, and they come complete with sump baffles, pick up tubes, sump plugs, and oil filter studs.

Holley’s working hard to become a one-stop shop for LS swap components, so take a minute to visit their website and see what they have in store for you.