If you’re looking for a solution to keep your vehicle quiet while on the road, you’ll want to check out Heatshield Products‘ new sound insulation products. They offer high-tech, lightweight products to solve your acoustical problems without adding much weight.

“Its sound dampening capabilities are so good, its almost as good as a sound barrier,” states Steve Heye of Heatshield Products. Now, there is a difference between a sound dampener and a sound barrier – a sound dampener absorbs vibration as to where a barrier is more for road noise.

The DB Suppressor features a lightweight butylene layer that is bonded to a 4mm anodized aluminum sheet and according to Heye, weighs 10% less than the leading competitor’s sound dampening product. Another feature of the DB Suppressor is that you can move it once its been applied. Their DB Armor is very similar to the DB Suppressor, except the fact that it is 30% thinner and weighs 20% less. The DB Armor is a great way to help rule out road noise and help your car’s audio sound crisp and clear with no panel vibrations.

The DB Suppressor and DB Armor are great products, but the product we really liked was their I-M Shield. It works by shielding the intake manifold and reducing the heat radiating from the engine into the intake manifold. Heatshield Products claims a 12 rwhp gain and 9 lb-ft. of torque just from sticking it on the intake manifold. With more applications coming soon, they produce component-specific I-M Shields for the LS3, LS1/6, 5.0L Boss, 5.0L Coyote, and the ’11-’14 3.7L V6 Mustang. This actually be the cheapest horsepower you can obtain, so check out their website for more info and pricing on these helpful products!