SEMA 2013: Gaining Access Through Innovation With Perma-Cool


Anytime someone works on custom stuff, whether it is doing an engine swap, building custom headers or any number of other things, clearance always seems to be an issue. When we stopped by Perma-Cool at the 2013 SEMA Show, we were stoked to see that they have come up with a very clever way to gain some room when doing a remote mount oil filter.

Traditionally, when doing a remote mount oil filter relocation, there are two options. One option has two ports on the oil adapter that point straight down. Then the oil adapter is screwed on until it is tight. Next, two push locks or AN fittings are screwed into the housing. Many times the fittings run into clearance problems with hitting the frames or other components. To address that, a few companies, like Perma-Cool, came out with screw-on adapters that have two inlets and two outlets. These adapters would be tightened on the engine, and whatever direction the adapter came to rest, was the direction the lines were going to run. These adapters increased clearance, but many times lines had to be run in a strange way and would kink.

To totally alleviate this problem, Perma-Cool has designed an adapter that now uses a banjo style bolt to hold the adapter in place. So, the 4-port adapter can be “clocked” into position, then tightened down with the banjo bolt.

“With the ports being accessible, it makes adding coolers, gauges or whatever someone wants to add, much easier,” says Kevin Doyle, Sales Manager for Perma-Cool.

In addition to this new adapter, Perma-Cool is displaying their single and dual filter mounting systems. Perma-Cool is, also,  running a special on their relocation systems… if you buy one, they are throwing the filters in for free. If you aren’t familiar with Perma-Cool, they are a family owned and operated company that has been building high efficiency coolers (oil, fuel, rearend, transmission, etc.) for almost 40 years.


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