In the wonderful world of custom wheels, Forgeline Wheels have always been known for their race inspired styling, flawless machining, and lightweight design. Their wheels started as three piece forged aluminum designs but they have ventured into the forged monoblock market in recent years. With five new monoblock designs, Forgeline is bringing more of their race-oriented designs to street vehicles.

With the new monoblock designs there are more choices for those who aren’t in the market for a three piece wheel, but the price point is a little steeper due to the material cost of a monoblock wheel. Forgeline’s monoblock wheels in no way compromise structural rigidity, as they are forged from the same materials used to produce their three piece wheels. Another great touch to add to an already awesome wheel are their sharp, transparent colors.

What we really liked about their booth was the fact that they showed the three stages in which their monoblock wheels go through from start to finish. The wheel starts out as a 100-pound chunk of 6061-T6 aluminum and from there the center is machined for the lug pattern, or in this case center-lock style. Finally, the spokes are machined, as well as the pockets in the spokes to shave some weight and add structure. When all is said and done, a total of 80 pounds are shaved off making these wheels ultra light.

If you are looking for one of the stiffest, strongest, and lightest wheel possible, check out these beautiful creations!