SEMA 2013: Flowmaster Mufflers Increases Cat-Back Systems To 2014

IMG_9926While most people know Flowmaster as one of the leaders in muffler technology, their product line flows much further through your exhaust system then just mufflers. Recently, Flowmaster has added ceramic-coated headers and both universal and direct-fit catalytic converters to their line as well.

IMG_9925This year at SEMA, Flowmaster shared with us some of their expanded line of cat-back exhaust systems as well, with many applications fitting up to new 2014 vehicles and trucks. We took a look at some of their new systems and learned a little more about them from Regional Sales Manager Mark Emerson.

Emerson said, “We have two systems for the 2014 Chevy Pickup, the American Thunder is an aggressive system with a little more of a rumble to it, and the Force II is a mild system for those who want a bit of a quieter ride.” One of the features of the exhaust systems is that they’re designed to be installed right in your own driveway or garage. While Emerson recommends that the system is welded, it is designed to be installed using their clamps.

Another feature is that they include two sets of tailpipes for the system on many of the trucks. For those who want the exhaust to exit straight out the back, those pipes are in the kit. If you want a side exit behind the rear wheels, those pipes are also included. Emerson said, “It’s just easier to stock one system and include both sets of tailpipes than to have both systems and not know which will be more popular.” It also allows a customer to test both systems out and decide which they prefer, without any additional expense.

Flowmaster has cat-back systems for other 2014 models as well, including the Camaro, Charger, Challenger, Chrysler 300 and the Mustang. To learn a little more about Flowmaster’s cat-back systems and to see their extensive line of products, visit their web site – and get that signature Flowmaster sound that everyone recognizes.

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