Edelbrock’s E-Street EFI is a great, innovative system which allows you to create tunes and tune the vehicle via Bluetooth with the supplied 7-inch touchscreen tablet. The  E-Street EFI comes in three package variants – the first choice is the base package, which comes everything besides the fuel system, while the second package comes with the Return-Style Fuel Kit and the third package comes with the Universal EFI Sump Kit.

For those looking to save time and money, Edelbrock has just released their E-Street EFI Small-Block Chevy Crate Engine Package. This package offers the customer affordable EFI powerplant right out of the box, with a standard 338 horsepower.

The engine includes a Performer series intake manifold, E-Street cylinder heads, and a new camshaft specifically designed for throttle body injection systems. Also included is a set of Edelbrock’s new Racing Series valve covers. However, the engine comes with no water pump, so you’ll have to visit Edelbrock’s website for a complete listing of small-block Chevy water pumps.

Edelbrock’s new camshaft was developed not only to work great with their throttle body injection, but with other company’s throttle body injection systems as well. We know camshafts play a big part in making horsepower and we’re really glad that Edelbrock designed a cam to work hand in hand with their whole E-Street EFI system, as well as give other enthusiasts a better option for their fuel injected small block Chevy.

All in all, this is a great kit focused on the DIY enthusiast who wants to run an EFI crate engine in their project car, without the hassle of piecing together components from different sources.