SEMA 2013: EBC Brakes’ New Pads For Light Duty And Racing Vehicles

IMG_0954EBC Brakes has two fresh offerings for folks of the light duty and racing crowds with their new Extra Duty and Orangestuff brake pads. Duty vehicle drivers and street racers alike can find something to love in the new line-up.

For the light duty vehicle applications, the Extra Duty pads have proven, through strenuous testing, to be a great option for trucking and off-roading. Brendan Cashman, a manager of automotive operations in North America, was proud of the pads for more reason than one.

IMG_0958First and foremost is the technology present in these pads. They utilize the NRS Hook system, which uses tiny hooks to press against the backing plate’s surface, effectively acting like a “super-strong Velcro” that binds the pads to the backing plate. This makes for a brake that will function far more reliably than a simple adhesive bonding systems found elsewhere.

He also told us that these British-made pads have not only exceeded government standards here in the States, but have also been given the GG rating by the SAE. High-quality and low-cost, these pads should prove a terrific option for Jeep, SUV, and diesel truck drivers.

For road racing, the new Orangestuff pads look just as promising with improvements like 40-60% longer brake life and initial bite. They even are rated to last up to temperatures of 1700° F.

Pre-heat scorching and more have made these pads insanely potent for the racing crowd, and they’re street-legal to boot. Check out the product description here to find out just how far EBC went on the dyno–it’s pretty cool.

Find EBC Brakes on Facebook and give them a like. Stay tuned as we keep bringing you more live coverage of the 2013 SEMA Show.

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