A byproduct of horsepower is often heat. With many high performance enthusiasts choosing to run forced induction and/or large diameter exhaust systems, and modern engine bays not getting any larger due to automaker’s ongoing quest to save money and reduce weight, heat can be an issue in many situations. Too much heat damages wires, hoses, paint, and other components.

Design Engineering Inc, (DEI) showed us two new products at this year’s SEMA show that are designed to protect other components from high heat. Their Titanium Sleeve can encase a variety of fluid hoses, or sections of wiring harness. The sleeve is made with lava rock incorporated into the fabric, increasing the product’s heat resistance. According to DEI’s Mike Buca the product is good for temperatures up to 1,800 degrees. Buca says, “It’s perfect for fuel lines, wiring, cabling, speedometer cables, pretty much anything that needs heat protection and abrasion protection.”

Pipe Shield

Similar to the Titanium Sleeve product is DEI’s Titanium Pipe Shield. This product comes with stainless steel clamps that allow it to be attached to exhaust pipes that run close to other components or even vehicle paint, adding additional protection. Available in four and six-inch widths, as well as varying lengths. Buca told us, “It’s perfect for down-pipe applications where the pipe gets close to the firewall, or any spot heat protection you may need.”

Both the Titianium Sleeve and Pipe Shield are made without the use of fiberglass, and are safe and easy to handle without the need for special gloves or other considerations.