Continental Tire has been conjuring up their new tire, the ContiForceContact, for a SEMA debut and let us tell you, this tire is awesome. Developed completely on the Nürburgring, Continental’s patented “Black Chilli” compound incorporating special high-grip resins ensues maximum contact between the tire and the road surface. The result is excellent traction and highly consistent lap times.

Continental brought the macro-block design over to the ContiForceContact from the ContiSportContact 5 P with the addition of wide grooves in the center of the tread and bi-directional drainage grooves on the inside of the tire. Confidence on wet asphalt is key, and that’s why Continental engineered this tire to handle excellently in the rain by designing the directional drainage grooves to evacuate water as efficiently as possible so the vehicle does not hydroplane.

With the treadwear rating of 80, the ContiForceContact can be driven on the street, but is mainly intended for track use. It’s great that they’re DOT approved, because if one does not own a trailer, they can drive the car to the track and get excellent performance out of their tires, then simply drive back home after an exciting day.

The ContiForceContact will be rolled out in 10 sizes ranging from 225/40ZR18 to 325/30ZR19 and will become available starting on December 10th, 2013 exclusively through The Tire Rack

Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS and ExtremeContact DW are two of Continental’s most popular tires. with the ExtremeContact DWS being an ultra-high-performance all-season tire, designed for grip in all weather conditions, even light snow. The ExtremeContact DW is similar to the ExtremeContact DWS, except it is only rated for dry and wet conditions, hence “DW.” With the ExtremeContact DWS having a treadwear rating of 540 and the ExtremeContact DW treadwear rating being 340, these tires are good choices for cars that see a lot of street miles under every kind of weather.