IMG_0030There’s one thing to be said about rebuilding a 45-year-old steering box: you end up with a rebuilt, 45-year-old steering box. That older technology was great when it was all we had, but today we’re on the road with faster cars around us, that are far more nimble and agile than what was on the road in the 1960s and ’70s. Rebuilding is sometimes necessary to get the slop out of your steering, and to seal up any leaks that have developed.

Or, you could contact Borgeson and see what they have for your classic musclecar – and upgrade your steering to a more modern feel, with a steering box designed and built in this century, instead of the last one. As Borgeson Sales Manager Jeff Grantmeyer told us, “We’re a steering gear company and we help bring classic cars up to current steering standards. Why rebuild 45+ year old technology when you can replace it with something built in 2000?”

Some of their current applications include: some Chevrolets as far back as 1955, classic Fords back to 1952, and 1962-82 Mopar A, B, and E body cars. Rather than replacing your heavy factory steering box, their conversion kits utilize the Delphi 600 Series steering box for a modern power steering feel. These newer boxes have all been modified by Borgeson to fit specific applications, and not only do they shave some weight from your front end, but they provide more header clearance and provide a quicker 14:1 steering ratio.

IMG_0029Borgeson also offers couplers for custom steering column applications, which are sometimes necessary for those tight engine compartments, and for some of their conversion kits a pump and necessary pressure lines are included in the kit. We’ve installed one of their conversion kits, and the difference in the feel of the steering was significantly better than the old, soft ‘one-finger’ steering feel.

To see if Borgeson has a conversion for your classic musclecar, or to solve any of your steering design woes, check out their web site for useful information, applications, and tech videos – and let Borgeson “steer you forward”.