SEMA 2013: Banks Power Brings Out The Big Guns

During this year’s SEMA Show one could not help but notice the massive display Banks Power had on hand. This year, they were not only displaying all of their diesel performance products, but they were also displaying their brand new line of diesel powertrains, water methanol kit, their all new IQNet, gas engines (specifically their twin turbo 800 to 1100 hp small-block), full line of intake systems, line of Duramax performance parts and a high-performance Camaro and Focus outfitted with their parts.


During a press conference, Gale Banks (right) announces their continued sponsorship of Mike Ryan’s (left) Pikes Peak Freightliner for 2014.

The Banks Power booth was certainly full of new and innovative parts. For us at Power Automedia, the IQNet is something we are extremely excited about. This new product will allow people to monitor the density of the intake air (doesn’t matter if you are running a gasoline engine or diesel). The density is really one of the most important aspects to not only making power, but also for understanding what is going on with it. The IQNet will work with any engine configuration, but is really best utilized with boosted applications (turbo or supercharged).

When installed, the user can put multiple sensors located throughout the intake system anywhere from before the intake filter to before and/or after any part to monitor the efficiency of that component. This system will not only monitor the pressure but, also, the temperature of the air. Most of us know that power comes from mixing oxygen in the air with fuel. The density is how closely packed together that oxygen is. So, by knowing how much oxygen is available, a tuner can tune the engine better, but you can also make better decisions on what improvements are being made when upgrading parts.

(Left) IQNet system which calculates the intake air density. (Center) 427 stoker kit for the 6.6L Duramax. (Right) Ford 5.4L engine with Banks Power products installed.

In addition to the IQNet, Banks Power introduced a new line of diesel power trains. These are covered in another article, so we won’t go in depth here, but they were only some of the engines in the booth. Banks was displaying their Cummins, Duramax and Power Stroke parts on engines throughout the booth. In addition, they had their marine 6.6L diesel on display as well as a Ford 5.4L engine featuring their tuner and intake. Most people don’t remember that Banks has been in the gasoline performance market since the late ’50s. Many of their records are gas engine powered vehicles. 

(Left) The interactive water methanol display showing that the Banks Power kit turns on at very low boost pressures. (Right) The overall water methanol display with the control comparison charts on the bottom.

Another big display was Banks’ new water methanol injection systems. The display was interactive showing their kit up against the two big competitors in the market. On the back side of that display was a full line of electric performance modules. These ranged from their performance tuners to exhaust brake module.

Banks was, also, displaying their exhaust systems as well as a Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Focus. In the center of the booth and one of the most surprising displays was the Sidewinder dragster featuring their 1500 horsepower 427ci Duramax that had a 4.0L twin screw supercharger on top. The engine will receive the majority of its air via the supercharger and then it will be supplemented with nitrous and water to create enough air to support 1500 horsepower with no smoke.


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