SEMA 2013: Auto Meter On Fire With Killer New Products

Sometimes companies just can’t help, but to be on fire! They introduce killer new product after killer new product, year after year. At this year’s SEMA Show, Auto Meter introduced a new Boost Controller which won the “Best New Product” award and they also introduced their all-new LCD Competition Dash.

1L6A0415The LCD Competition Dash has the highest resolution LCD on the market. It’s retina level (basically, there are so many pixels, that your eye can no longer tell it is looking at something digital), and to give you a rough idea of just how high resolution it is, “It’s about four times better than anything Apple currently makes,” according to Joseph Mills, Director of Digital Media at Auto Meter.

In addition, to the screen being extremely high resolution, it is also fully customizable. While there are a few preset display options, a user can completely customize the display to their liking. This will not only make it “fit” the look of the interior, but it will also, make it handy for quick reading while on the track.

Speaking of while on the track, the LCD can be setup as a data logger to keep you up-to-date about what was going on while making passes. Auto Meter’s data logger is capable of plugging straight into the ECU (and/or external sensors can be hooked up).

1L6A0408The new display has been in the development and testing phase for over a year now. Many NASCAR teams have been testing it, as well as McLaren and a other Formula cars. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) the new display is capable of surviving a 50g event (one of the formula cars hit the wall at 200 mph with data logging recording the impact) and up to 20gs of vibration resistance. These displays are designed for competition use in all types of environments, so they are fully sealed to keep the environment out.

Typical response rates are around 500 Hertz (500 times a second), which is not only much quicker than we can see, but it works out to roughly 30,000 times a minute. So, no matter what RPM you are running or how fast the car is going, there will be plenty of data available to replay and study.

With companies like Auto Meter continually re-inventing how things work, who knows what the future will hold, but we sure are excited to try out the LCD! Perhaps it will work its way into one of our upcoming projects – stay tuned!


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