AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger With OBD II Capability

If you’re building a stout street car and want to monitor all of your engine’s sensors, AEM’s AQ-1 data logger is exactly what you’re looking for. The AQ-1 is very easy to install and can read live parameters from ancillary sensors, AEMnet enabled devices, GPS, and much more.

Being able to log at up to 1000HZ per channel onto a removable SD card, there is virtually unlimited logging. Also included in the AQ-1 is an internal 3-axis accelerometer, RS-232 serial input for an NMEA GPS device, three switched digital inputs with 16.5V MAX, and more.

What’s great about the AQ-1 is that it is now offered in an OBD II variant, meaning you can just plug it in to the port and start data logging right away. This is awesome because even the most novice of car enthusiast can learn more about what the car’s engine is doing without having to install auxiliary sensors, though the system has provisions for an additional 8 sensors in addition to the AEMnet capability.

AEM’s New Water/Meth Controller

The newly redesigned AEM Water/Methanol Injection Controller is great because it is much more user friendly. For gasoline engines, the boost limitation is now up to 35 psi. “With the Multi-input controller, you can use an external MAP, MAF, or IDC sensor to trigger on a high compression, naturally aspirated engine,” stated AEM’s Lawson Mollica. “Additionally one can also run over 35 psi with an external MAP sensor on the multi-input controller.” Some other great features include turn-resistant knobs, a terminated wiring harness with positive lock connector for ease of installation, an integrated fuse, and a new reliable conductive low fluid sensor.