SEMA 2012: ZMAX Total Car Care In One Bottle

ZMAX's micro-lubricant formula packaged in a total car care bottle.

ZMAX repackaged their proprietary micro-lubricant into a single bottle for this year’s SEMA show, calling it a total car care package. What makes the new package unique is the graduated markings on the side of the bottle’s label. These markings indicate how much of the micro-lubricant to add to the fuel tank, power steering reservoir, transmission fluid and engine oil.

ZMAX representative David McDermott explained how one lubricant could service all the fuel, fluid and oil systems. “ZMAX is a proprietary reformulation that starts with a highly refined petroleum oil which is further refined to create a micro-lubricant. It is not an oil additive with materials or other corrosive chemicals added. By definition, ZMAX is not an oil additive or chemical. It is a micro-lubricant. As such, it is designed to improve or enhance the properties of petroleum. Any synthetic or conventional fuel, fluid or oil can be improved with micro-lubricant technology.”

According to McDermott, ZMAX’s total car care package helps reduce friction, reduces deposit formation, reduces wear on vital engine and other drivetrain components, extends engine life and improves reliability. “By virtue of removing and preventing harmful engine deposits, ZMAX micro-lubrication technology improves fuel mileage, performance and even reduced emissions.”

Micro-lubrication is formulated to be much smaller than regular oil molecules, a fact which McDermott says, “…penetrates into metal 82-times deeper than other lubrications. This has been verified by Auger Electron Spectroscopy.”

This has been verified by Auger Electron Spectroscopy.
– David McDermott

In the engine oil system, ZMAX micro-lubricant stays in the metals pores when the oil drains back into the sump after shut-down. McDermott says,” Because ZMAX stays in the pores of the cylinder walls, pistons and rings, valves and valve guides, bearings and lifters, it protects immediately on start-up.”

For the fuel system, McDermott says, “The main benefits are cleaning and lubricating the fuel system injectors, pumps and other components while conditioning the combustion chamber of the engine.” Improved fuel spray patterns with carbon and varnish deposits removed can lead to increased gas mileage and improved performance, especially in older engines where deposit build-up is normal.

As for the transmission, gearbox or differential, ZMAX is intended to provide the same level of protection for the internal components as it does in the engine oil system. McDermott says, “70 years of testing, using accepted protocols, has shown that ZMAX’s micro-lubricant technology works.” Results of the testing, along with more information on ZMAX micro-lubricant can be found at 

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