SEMA 2012: Surf City Garage Unveils Paradise Road

Everybody likes pie. Apple, blueberry, chocolate silk, or even rhubarb, it’s all good. The only problem is that you can only slice the pie into so many pieces. That’s sort of how the automotive appearance product (waxes, detailing sprays, wheel cleaners, and so on) market works. If you’ve ever gone into a local auto parts store and been confronted with a confusing wall full of car car products, you already know that the pie is getting sliced pretty darn thin.

So, if you want more pie, you can either try to grab a bigger piece of what’s already out there, or you can think out of the box (pie tin?) and make the pie bigger. That’s exactly what Surf City Garage, a well known maker of premium car care products, is doing with their new Paradise Road line. Instead of fighting it out for the same group of consumers, Paradise Road is shooting for the 90% of licensed US drivers who don’t use car care products at all – among them, the 60 million who admit to using household cleaning products to clean their cars.

Yikes. That’s a lot of people stripping off whatever wax might have been left on their cars with Dawn Liquid, and keeping their trim shiny with Comet and Scotchbrite. Paradise Road aims to claim this untapped market by reducing confusion among different car care products and making it easy for people who don’t want to make a second career out of taking care of their car’s finish.

Surf City Garage says, 'Confusion in the appearance category is legendary,' and they're tackling the issue with the Paradise Road line of car care products and their 'Save the Clearcoats' campaign.

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