SEMA 2012: Steele Rubber Supplies Enthusiasts With What They Need

When undertaking any restoration, one of many components that usually need replaced on a car is the door and window seals. There are many companies out there to choose from, but none like Steele Rubber Products.

Steele Rubber prides themselves on their quality, and the fact that they only cater to the American classic car market. Notice how we didn’t say muscle car, but classic car. They don’t just make seals for mainstream vehicles like Camaros and Mustangs, but more for unconventional classics like Packards, DeSotos, and Willys.

With the advances in website development, we can eliminate print catalogs altogether and have our inventory all in one place. -Matt Agosta

They’ve been producing some of the finest products for years, and they keep bringing us more. We ran into Matt Agosta, Steele Rubber’s number Sales Rep to talk all about their new products coming down the pipeline for 2013.

Adding to their list of interesting and usual vehicles, they’ll soon be releasing everything a customer could need in terms of body and window seals for ’74-75 Ford LTD, ’66-69 Lincoln Continental 4-door sedans, and ’65 Chevy full-size wagons.

The current Steele Rubber website is great, but in the coming weeks it's going to get a whole lot better thanks to their online catalog.

However, Agosta seemed much more enthusiastic about his website when we spoke to him at this year’s SEMA show.

He said that although his business is doing great, it couldn’t hurt to get with the times and update his website to make online shopping easier. “With the advances in website development, we can eliminate print catalogs altogether and have our inventory all in one place.”

He continued, “In the past by the time a customer recieved one of our catalogs in the mail, it would already be six months out of date.”

For more information about Steele Rubber’s products, or you just want to check out their updated website that should be launched by the time you read this, you can can click here.

  • New website for easier navigation
  • Offers customers high quality window and body seals
  • Continual release of new products for both mainstream and unusual vehicles 

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