High Clamp Load Pressure Plates

Standard with all SPEC performance clutch kits, these plates offer 20-40% higher clamp load than an OEM pressure plate, with little increase in pedal effort thanks to SPEC’s 360° pivot technology.

It’s ironic that some of the most droolworthy exotic cars ever produced are epically temperamental as well; running them hard before they’re fully warmed up, slipping the clutch too much to keep from stalling, or even just trying to back one up is asking for trouble. While SPEC Clutch can’t do too much about the rearward visibility out of a Lamborghini, they can definitely build a clutch that can take the heat, and that’s a good start (pun intended).

In addition to offering Stage 1-5 clutches for a wide variety of applications, SPEC also has the “Sixth Element” – a carbon multidisc clutch with friction material that can withstand temperatures as high as 5,000 degrees F, while remaining lightweight and capable of handling massive torque.

Of course, not everyone drives a supercar, but it’s good to know that expertise filters down into the complete SPEC line of clutches. Here’s a snapshot of what’s what:

  • Stage 1: Carbon-based organic lining, sprung hub
  • Stage 2: Segmented or full-faced Kevlar disc, sprung hub
  • Stage 2+: Multi-friction  full-faced disc with carbon semi-metallic and Kevlar facing, sprung hub
  • Stage 3: Carbon semi-metallic 6 puck disc, sprung hub
  • Stage 3+: Carbon semi-metallic full-faced disc, sprung hub
  • Stage 4: Carbon semi-metallic 6 puck disc, solid 8-rivet hub
  • Stage 5: Full metallic disc, solid 12-rivet hub
  • Grip2
    • Super Twin – four compound options, up to 1,750 foot-pounds capacity
    • Low Inertia Multidisc – two compound options, up to 1,300 foot-pounds capacity