SEMA 2012: Sealing The Deal With Cometic Gaskets

COMETIC Gasket’s new line of valve cover gaskets.

New this year to the COMETIC line gaskets is an improved valve cover application.

“Four things make these new valve cover gaskets unique: a stainless-steel carrier inside the gasket, the material compound, a special torque limiter incorporated in the gasket and a specially formulated adhesive bonding everything together,” explains Scott Neely of COMETIC.

A special torque limiter is incorporated in the new line of COMETIC valve cover gaskets to help prevent over-tightening and crushing the gasket.

The carrier is made from “drawn quality” stainless steel, which means it is less likely to harden and get brittle. 

“We worked with a manufacturer to provide a specially formulated adhesive to our specs that bonds the entire assembly together,” adds Neely.

The COMETIC valve cover gasket line covers just about any performance type engine and options for custom gaskets are available from COMETIC’s custom gasket shop. 

MLx Head Gaskets

Also added to lineup is COMETIC’s multi-layer extreme head gaskets marketed under the MLx brand. While multi-layered head gaskets are not new, Neely says that COMETIC’s MLx head gaskets “utilize an integrated stopper layer for combustion chamber sealing and improved clamp load around the cylinder without bore distortion.”

COMETIC’s new MLx multi-layered extreme head gasket.

The MLx technology is available in three-layered or four-layered styles for most popular performance engines in the market today. From GM’s LS engine line to Dodge’s R6 V8 and Ford’s FR9 engine platforms, COMETIC has an off-the-shelf MLx head gasket available. 

Race proven is not just a buzz word we use.
        — Scott Neely


“Applied dry, no sealants or re-torque is needed for proper load distribution across the sealing area,” explains Neely, noting the gaskets’ race heritage. “Race proven is not just a buzz word we use. We actually work with Roush Yates Engines, Clint Bowyer Racing and Richard Childress Racing in their performance engines.”

Sealing the deal on your next engine build just got easier with COMETIC’s new valve cover gasket and MLx head gaskets. For more information on these and other engine sealing gaskets, check out the race proven products at




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