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SEMA 2012: SCT’s New Livewire TS Tuner

When SCT released their Livewire TS tuner just a few short weeks ago, it promised to pack the latest in flash tuner technology from SCT. This is the first, big update we have seen to a wired SCT tuner in quite some time.

Having the same framework between the Livewire TS and iTSX allows us to make easy changes and updates to the tuners.” – Tim Roi

The software framework of the Livewire TS is borrowed from their wireless iTSX tuner with a unique look. It employs all the same features like built-in performance calculator, recordable datalogging screens, DTC scanner, and of course tuning. The screen has even adapted swiping technology like you would find on an iPhone. “The Livewire TS and iTSX actually use the same chip set, Tim Roi of SCT explained. “In the iTSX, the three chips are stacked on top of each other and in the Livewire TS, they are all flat. Having the same framework between the Livewire TS and iTSX allows us to make easy changes and updates to the tuners.”

While a wireless connection is always convenient, the wired connection is hands down faster when it comes to flashing your vehicle. For example, the iTSX requires an iPhone (or similar Apple device) to send the tune to the tuner, then the tuner uploads it to the vehicle. If you want to make changes to your tune, the process is repeated. With a wired device like the Livewire TS, the display sends any customized tune directly to the PCM in one step. Not saying the iTSX is slow at transferring, but if you are modifying tunes a lot, the Livewire TS will be a faster solution.

The form factor of this device is just like SCT’s discontinued TSX – a nice bright 4-inch touchscreen that isn’t intrusive in the passenger compartment. Although there are many options for tuning on the market, some of the unique features of the Livewire TS can’t be had on any other tuners.

  • Color 4″ Touch Screen Display

    Datalogging capability is one of the many fine options of the Livewire TS

  • Rear View Camera Input
  • Automatic On / Off / Sleep Mode
  • Holds up to 10 Custom Tunes
  • Reads & Clears DTC Codes
  • Built-In Performance Calculator
  • High Speed Data Logging & Monitoring
  • User Adjustable Tune Options
  • User Selectable Graphics & Gauge Layouts
  • Available for both Gas & Diesel Vehicles
  • User Adjustable Warning / Alerts
  • Windshield Mount Included


SCT Flash
Phone: (407) 774-2447

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