SEMA 2012: SCT Releases iTSX Tuner for Android

Multiple live and recording datalogging screen options is a big plus on the iTSX

 Ok we get it, there are a lot of anti-Apple activists out there that refuse to buy into the iTechnology mantra. Luckily, one company that has decided to support Android-based phones and tablets on their new tuner is SCT Flash with their iTSX.

SCT iTSX for Ford and GM Late-Model Vehicles

• Vehicle Tuning and Programming
• On-Screen Virtual Gauges with Adjustable Warning / Alert lights
• Monitor Vehicle Engine Data / Parameters via Virtual Gauges
• Huge Virtual Gauges on iPad ( 9.5” wide X 7.4” tall )
• 0-60 MPH Test: Virtual Speedometer & Graph with Estimated Horsepower
• ET / MPH Test: 1/8th mile & 1/4 mile ET / MPH with Estimated Horsepower
• Top Speed Performance Test
• Braking Performance Test with 60-0MPH ET
• Reads & Clears Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes

“The best thing about iTSX being an app is the expandability,” explained Roi. “The sky is the limit because we aren’t limited by hardware like past devices. We still have some cool features planned in 2012. And of course we didn’t forget about the Android device guys or GM enthusiasts.”

SCT’s original TSX is similar to the functionality of the iTSX. It still uses Bluetooth technology to transmit data wirelessly and contains all of the main features, though the TSX comes with a touch screen display while the iTSX uses an iDevice, reducing the cost over the traditional TSX.

Since Androids are flash based devices, the SCT team had to design a brand new tuning program from the ground up. While there might be some slight differences in how both applications work, we assure you that both Android and Apple devices get all the same, great features.

The functionality of the iTSX’s tuning process is largely unchanged over their SF3 and TSX tuners, though easy-of-use is improved with it’s color on screen prompts. The application will detect the vehicle it’s tuning and display the default settings on the tune, allowing the user to easily customize the tune with a myriad of adjustments.

Another added benefit of the iTSX is its performance test capability.  Unlike many other applications that rely on GPS tracking to determine the tests, the iTSX actually uses the sensor outputs to calculate.  From a stop, we selected the ‘Start’ button on the performance test.  Once the vehicle starts to move, the iTSX detects the movement through the vehicle’s speed sensor. 


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