SEMA 2012: RideTech Introduces New Shock Options

RideTech is a name that’s become synonymous with suspension innovation for almost two decades and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon. With constant and ongoing in-house research and development, RideTech is on a mission to perfect ride quality in all cars, world wide.

Nothing influences how your car rides and handles more than the shock absorbers. If you could pick only one thing to change on your car to get the most overall improvement, upgrade the brains of your suspension – the shocks! We recently did an in-depth install on spring and shock choices with some detailed info allowing you to properly select the right application for your vehicle.

Ridetech’s new Q- series smooth body shocks are an important step in suspension technology. With its compact design, smooth body shocks were precisely developed to fit into a variety of stock shock locations, opening up Ridetech’s shock line to several new hot rod applications. This means that builders can now upgrade their ride quality without reworking their suspension design. 

Using the same monotube design as the ShockWave and RideTech Coilover, new smooth body shocks are developed with a significantly larger piston. When compared to a twin-tube design, the RideTech monotube shock provides approximately 150% additional effective oil control surface area, giving it the advantage when damping suspension travel. In addition, the monotube design supplies a more efficient oil flow path that leads to cooler operating temperatures and consistent performance in extreme environments.

Q-Series Features:

  • Direct replacement for OE shocks
  • Available in fixed valving (RQ – Ride Quality) 
  • Or rebound adjustable (HQ – Handling Quality)
  • Monotube design for superb ride quality

To develop the shock, RideTech hooked up with Fox Racing Shocks, a brand who has had its hands in the bicycle, motorcycling, offroad, and military markets for over 35 years. Fox and RideTech both have had plenty of experience testing, developing and refining the entire ride quality and handling aspect of suspension design, so this shock not only bolts right in, but it also will significantly improve your ride quality – right out of the box!

The mono-tube design is the choice of nearly all high end and OEM and extreme performance shock manufacturers. Its main advantage is that a larger piston and a more efficient oil flow path leads to cooler operating temps and more consistent performance in extreme environments. The RQ (Ride Quality) Series shocks have been designed and tuned for optimum ride quality in street rods, musclecars, classic trucks and cruisers. It’s the perfect solution for the hot rodder who wants to install it and forget it.

The HQ (Handling Quality) Series shocks adds rebound adjustment for the driver who wants to tune ride quality AND handling quality to their specific taste. A wide rebound adjustment range allows you to cruise down the road in plush comfort or firm up your suspension for those Saturday morning canyon roads. For all the latest, make sure to visit the RideTech Facebook page and stay tuned for more SEMA new product action.

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