SEMA 2012: Replay XD Designed By Racers For The Racer In You

When it comes to motorsports and racing, it’s always great to know that the people behind the products we buy are familiar with the racing that we do. But the entire staff behind the Replay XD line of digital cameras isn’t just familiar with racing, they are all racers themselves. Some of them race bikes, some cars, and some do a bit of off-road competition, to name a few.

Replay XD Chief Design Officer, Jason Lighthart, told us, “We all race, we built this for ourselves because we wanted a better camera to record what we love doing. I guess that sounds a little selfish.” Selfish it’s not, because the only way to have a superior product is to build something for yourself and then sharing it with the rest of us.

When it comes to new products for the Replay XD or new ways to mount their small camera, you can be sure that every employee is both for it, and behind its development from idea to market. While they already have multiple mounting systems for their camera, it doesn’t mean the wheels don’t keep turning.

This little video camera, about the size of a roll of nickels, is small but packs a powerful punch. With 1080i HDMI capabilities, the picture you get is very impressive and clear. There’s even a new ReView field monitor that allows you to connect directly to the camera to see what you’re recording in real time.

Mounting systems for the camera include the lowboy and pedestal type mounts, as well as a goggle mount for helmets or armband mounting. The Replay XD 720 is new for SEMA, and even smaller camera that still shoots video in 720i, and is about the size of a roll of dimes.

Ease of use has been one of the key factors behind the Replay XD, Lighthart said, “The Replay XD is very design-centric. We monitor our customers and watch as they go through the learning process. Sometimes the user can over think the simplicity of it because they think it should be more difficult to learn.”

“We wanted to make using the camera simple. When you turn it on to record, it vibrates three times. When you turn it off, it vibrates once, so there’s no mistaking whether it’s on or off. If it doesn’t vibrate it’s an indication that the SD Mini card isn’t inserted into the camera,” Lighthart said.

The camera is programmable, and for multiple cameras you can give each camera a name that facilitates unique naming for files saved from that camera. The list of features and new products is extensive and continues to grow, including a remote microphone and power cables, a rapid-charge battery pack, and even underwater pressure cases that are good up to 60 meters. If you want to know more, check out their web site to see all that they have to offer.

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