SEMA 2012: PCS Develops A Push Button Shifter For Any Transmission

For hot rodders looking to make their car really stand out from the pack, or the casual enthusiast looking for a new gadget to put into his classic Power Control Solutions (PCS) has just what they are looking for. 

They’ve just developed a new type of  push button shifter that will work with literally any transmission. PCS had one of these computerized shifter kits hooked up to a 4L60 transmission during a visit at their booth at this year’s SEMA show. 

Company Sales Consultant Jay Rohrback was there to tell us all about it. He started by showing us the features, how it worked, and explained all of accessories including the paddle-shift steering wheel, gear selector box and accompanying computer control units.

The first thing Jay had to say was, “Our electronic shifter can be mounted to any transmission and into any car. It’s brings a more modern and custom feel to classic musclecars and street rods.”

Our electronic shifter can be mounted to any transmission and into any car.”-Jay Rohrback

The steering wheel is available with 5,6, or 9-bolt patterns, so it’ll bolt up to just about any type of car on the road. Why is there a special steering wheel? Because it comes with a paddle shifter! Paddle shifters are all of the rage these days with car companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Audi and they continue to find their way into musclecars and street rods all over the world.

The PCS shifter is not so much a shifter as it is an electronic toy. There’s no lever in the traditional sense. It features a simple push button control panel that  shifts each gear, and it displays what gear you are in on a digital readout. The readout features a daylight and dim feature  that improves day and night visibility.

The control panel can be mounted anywhere you want, while the kit is cable driven to the gear selector mounted on the transmission. The entire package can be mounted in your car in a matter of a few hours.

Here's everything you receive when you order the PCS shifter kit. In includes the paddle-shifted steering wheel, gear selector box, and all of the necessary wiring and electronic control units.

  • Easy hookup
  • Includes paddles shifter
  • Gives your car a high-tech feel

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