SEMA 2012: MSD’s LS Multiple Spark Coils

MSD Ignition has brought their years of ignition experience to the LS market with their own brand of Multiple Spark Coils (MSC). MSD’s Todd Peterson says, “Once installed, you’ll have the power and performance of higher energy sparks.” 

Promising increased spark energy and voltage, along with the multiple spark capability that MSD has become well known for, providing improved combustion process of the fuel mixture creating a more efficient and complete burn. According to Peterson, “This results in improved throttle response, smooth idle and quick starts, plus increased high rpm performance.”

LS MSC Coil Specs:

  • Part Number: 82468
  • Coil Wire Attachment: Female/Socket
  • Coil Style: Coil Pack
  • Primary Resistance:0.570 ohms
  • Coil Internal Construction: Epoxy
  • Coil Color: Red
  • Maximum Voltage: 44,000 V
  • Turns Ratio: 52:1
  • Secondary Resistance: 3.1K ohms
  • Inductance: 5.8 mH
  • Peak Current: 150 mA
  • Coil Shape: Square

“Our LS multiple spark coils will fit in place of the stock GM LS coils and connect directly to the factory connectors,” says Peterson. MSD offers a line of MSD Ignition coil brackets that simplifies even the most difficult coil LS coil mounting. “They’re crafted from aluminum and are made for the specific purpose of keeping your coil braced.” 

Features of MSD’s GM LS MSC Coils:

  • Advanced circuitry produces three times the spark energy of stock coils
  • Improves the combustion process
  • Improved throttle response
  • Quicker and smoother starts
  • Increased high rpm performance
  • Direct replacement multiple sparking coils for GM LS engines

The complex electronic controls of the LS engine management system presented MSD engineers a substantial challenge, as the control drivers are built into the OE coils. MSD was able to design an advanced circuit that operates with the factory electronics of the LS engine controls while producing a higher output spark. Not only do you get a higher voltage spark, but the coil will deliver multiple sparks. 

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