SEMA 2012: MSD Goes Atomic With EFI for LS Market

MSD‘s Atomic EFI conversion system hit the auto enthusiast market last year with fanfare by appealing to a large customer base. MSD is now focusing its next Atomic EFI product specifically on the LS  market, and the fanfare is returning. The new MSD LS EFI kit was rewarded with SEMA’s Best new Street Rod/Custom Car Product award for 2012.

The original Atomic EFI was geared at swapping from a carb to EFI on muscle cars. The kit was so easy that it could be installed in a single day and then enjoyed later that evening on a cruise. The next challenge for MSD engineers was developing advanced but simplified EFI controls for engines originally equipped with electronic fuel injection — again with the goal of making an engine swap easier and less complicated. MSD tackled the LS engine platform first with the Atomic LS EFI kit.

What we’ve done is gotten rid of the wiring harness and put the EFI inside of the fuel rail.
     — Todd Peterson

“For LS engine swaps, we’ve simplified the entire experience by redefining what EFI is,” says MSD’s Todd Peterson. “What we’ve done is gotten rid of the wiring harness and put the EFI inside of the fuel rail, which gets rid of all that wiring clutter and simplifies the process.”

Using the term “wiredless” as the catchphrase, Peterson explains, “We’ve designed the system to be less complicated. It’s do-it-yourself. You don’t need to hire a professional mechanic to help you install the kit.”

Features of the Atomic LS EFI:

  • Integrated fuel rails and ECU
  • Patent pending wiredless technology reduces wire
  • Supports single or dual throttle body
  • Automatically recognizes 24 or 58 crank trigger wheels
  • Self-learning. No laptop required
  • Returnless fuel line compatible 

“The goal was to make it easy for someone doing a complete GM LS engine swap,” adds Peterson. “We have incorporated the electronics into the fuel rails of the system. There’s no ECU to mount and therefore no wires to route to and from. It’s all on the engine, hidden in plain sight. This design drastically reduces the wiring of an LS fuel injection system.”

The MSD kit saves time and aggravation from wiring up an LS engine and also improves the overall cleanliness of the engine compartment — which a major bonus for custom car builders that may shy away from electrical wiring.It will fit LS1/LS6, LS2/LS6, LS7 engines and LS truck engines.

For LS1/LS6 and truck engines, you will need a master kit and an installation kit to match your engine. MSD sells two accessory iInstallation kits that provide the correct injector connectors for an LS1/LS6 when used with the LS2/3 Master Kit.

Visit for more information on MSD’s new Atomic LS EFI kit.


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