Most of the people likely to be reading this will be familiar with Meziere Enterprises as the maker of a very popular line of electric water pumps. The truth is that they’re about a lot more than just moving coolant around – Don Meziere and his crew of enthusiasts have branched off into areas like starters, heat exchanger transmission pans, and flexplates. Basically, anything that requires both a racer’s eye and the capability to precision-craft metal is fair game.

Need a high-capacity water pump hewn from billet for strength, but class rules say you need to run a mechanical pump? Yah, Meziere has that...

We got a little bit of a look at what’s new at Meziere this year at SEMA, and while making water pumps is still (and will continue to be) the core business at Meziere, there’s a lot of other interesting stuff going on.

Two very different items, both showing the design and machining skill Meziere has in-house. In the 'better mousetrap' category, there's this ratchet-action flexplate/flywheel spanner that takes some of the cursing out of turning the engine over from underneath. At the other end of the car, this differential cooler pump can be set up with one or two gerotor stages, depending on gear oil viscosity.

Of course, Mustang parts are always going to be a big seller, and Meziere has the 5.0 Coyote covered with their new electric water pump. It's available set up as shown with an idler pulley to allow retention of the stock serpentine belt arrangement, with no pulley for custom race accessory drive setups, or configured to work with a Kenne Bell supercharger system.