We’re big fans of Meguiar’s car care mantra – “The right tools and the right process give the right results.” While a little research at their website will reveal which of the various cleaners, polishes, and waxes Meguiar’s offers you need, one tool that the pros use is not typically in the do it yourself arsenal. That tool is a good, purpose-built dual action polisher.

Whether it’s a cost issue or the intimidation factor of using a pro power tool (and the fear of damaging your car’s finish), most home detailers rely on elbow grease instead. We’ve used the Meguiar’s pro-quality unit ourselves, and we have to say that it’s a lot easier and safer than you probably imagine, but to help everyone experience the advantages of a good DA polisher, they’ve come up with their new DA Power System that turns the electric drill you already own into the right tool to get a pro-quality finish on your car.

The DA Power System turns your drill into a safe, pro-quality dual action cleaner/polisher/waxer that gives consistent high quality results.

Meguiar’s Michael Pennington explains, “We wanted to have something that was less expensive than our professional dual action polisher, but that was capable of producing similar results. The DA Power System turns any electric drill into a safe, fast, effective polishing tool.” The heart of the system is a gear drive unit that has a 9:1 step down ratio to take the typical electric drill’s 2500 RPM top speed down to the right level for cleaning, polishing, and waxing, and turn that straight rotation into an orbital action that gives consistent results you just can’t get by hand.

Pennington also took us through some of the new products Meguiar's is showcasing this year. Among them, special cleaner wax formulations for dark and light colored cars, a spray-on water spot remover that avoids the need for compounding to remove spots from your car's finish, and bug remover sponges that are perfect for the inevitable cleanups necessary when insects meet their untimely ends on your front bumper.