SEMA 2012: Lithium Pros Next Generation of Race Battery

What packs a lot of energy in a small package, has higher voltage than a lead acid battery and charges five times faster? Answer: Lithium Ion batteries.

Lithium Ion battery technology is not new. However, Lithium Ion battery technology in high performance automotive use is. While the world is full of devices running off lithium ion batteries, from cell phones, lap top computers and cameras, there were some barriers to their use in the automotive world.

In racing, when every fraction of a pound counts, the cost per pound of weight saved with a lithium battery is approximately $40.
– Kevin Bennett

Lithium Pros broke through the barriers over two years ago, introducing a complete line of batteries designed for racers. Since then, automotive enthusiasts from all sectors have been finding satisfaction with lithium ion batteries.

“The three main reasons for switching to lithium ion batteries are lighter weight, higher terminal voltage and fast recharging,” says Lithium Pros’ Kevin Bennett.

Racers have migrated to lithium ion technology primarily for the massive weight savings. “In racing, when every fraction of a pound counts, the cost per pound of weight saved with a lithium battery is approximately $40,” Bennett states.

Bennett also claims that higher terminal voltage is another major performance value in lithium ion batteries. “They average higher constant terminal voltage during discharge than lead acid batteries over the voltage curve which results in using all of the energy versus only about fifty-percent in a lead acid battery,” he says.

Lithium ion batteries recharge about five-times faster and are about 20-pounds lighter than lead acid batteries.

Another key benefit of lithium ion batteries is the recharge rate. According to Bennett, “Lithium ion batteries recharge about five-times faster than lead acid batteries.”

With their vibration resistant case, Lithium Pros batteries can be used in any type of application. Designed to handle the harsh environments of off-road, marine, dirt track or drag strip racing, lithium ion batteries are equally at home on the street.

Another economical factor in switching to lithium ion batteries is longevity. According to Bennett, “A lithium battery that is properly sized for the engine, operating within their accepted voltage range, and used at room temperature will last 10-years.”

When you stop and think about it, we may have been missing some good technology. After all, our cell phone and computer batteries take a beating through several hundred charging cycles without an issue. 

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