SEMA 2012: Kooks Headers Unveils Their Green Series Converters

High performance enthusiasts continue to look for the most horsepower they can squeeze from their engines. So it should come to no surprise that they want the best when it comes from their high performance exhaust systems.

“These new Green Series are a direct bolt-in offering that minimizes restriction while maximizing exhaust flow.” -Chris Clark

Luckily, Kooks Headers Exhaust is here to help, and they’ve been offering their headers for and complete exhaust systems for enthusiasts for years. There literally isn’t any application that they don’t make a header or exhaust system for. They even offer a full line of headers for engine swap vehicles, like an LS into a first-gen Camaro or a Fox Body Mustang.

Their latest offering is the line of Green catalytic converters that they claim offer an increased amount of horsepower. The 304 stainless steel design is available in varying sizes and for various makes, including the 2010+ Chevy Camaro. 

We spoke to Chris Clark, Kooks Sales Technician about the technology that was incorporated into the design of these new catalytic converters. He told us, These low restriction cats utilize a 300 cell infrastructure, lower than anyone else’s on the market while being more durable than even the OEM units.”

He continued, “These new Green Series are a direct bolt-in offering that minimizes restriction while maximizing exhaust flow.” He went on to say that not only are they incredibly durable, but they’ve been proved to actually increase horsepower as opposed to running without them.

They’re 49-state legal, and come with a lifetime warranty. With the ever-increasing emission standards, it’s good to know that we can now please the EPA people and the horsepower gods at the same time.

  • Constructed from 304 stainless steel
  • Stronger than OEM
  • Increases horsepower

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