SEMA 2012: HushMat Quiets Things Down At SEMA

When it comes to sound dampening and heat insulation, HushMat is one company that knows what they’re talking about. Beginning in 1988 when they introduced their product to General Motors, they have been used in nearly every vehicle manufacturer line in the US, Canada and Mexico.

A thin foil layer helps to maintain the dampening material, which is applied using only the adhesive on the material itself. No special glues or additional adhesives are needed, and the material is very flexible to fit almost any contour.

Once the backing is removed, HushMat is extremely flexible and can be mounted to the floor panels with ease. Heat insulation is amazing, insulating the heat from an untouchable panel and making it only slightly warm.

Sales Director Vincent De Stefano said, “Most of the rigidity of the material is in the backing sheet that gets removed. Once that backing is removed the material is flexible enough to cover the floor pan or firewall very easily.”

You can find HushMat Ultra used in many GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles. HushMat President Tim McCarthy said, “Only HushMat has OE approved specs for insulating heat and noise.” It remains flexible, too, and has a usable temperature range from -30 degrees up to 500 degrees with 40% thermal block.

“We have a 100% adhesion guarantee,” De Stefano said, “Once a customer owns a vehicle with HushMat they never have another vehicle without it.” He also stated that in order to control the manufacturing process, HushMat is manufactured here in the US. “We can’t guarantee our formula or our adhesion if we can’t control the process,” he said. HushMat Ultra is available in silver foil or black.

In addition to their sound and heat insulation products, they also showed us their new Wave Breaker insulator. It’s a 100% water proof insulator that is used behind a speaker to dampen the vibrations in the metal, like you would get behind a subwoofer or in a door panel speaker.

No matter how many times we stuck Quiet Tape to our fingers, it never lost its adhesive properties, it's reusable and perfect for retaining loose wires.

Their Quiet Tape is great for securing wires that run along the floor board or along vertical panels. It’s a thin foam tape that is easy to tear right from the roll, and the most interesting quality is that it never seems to lose its adhesion. That means it’s good for multiple uses, unlike vinyl or electrical tape – and there’s no mess like you get with old electrical tape, either.

And for those who are looking to shed pounds and still have the insulation abilities of HushMat, they have also introduced their line of foam insulators that weigh next to nothing. Check out the HushMat web site to learn more about their products and services.

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