What’s Included:

  • Genuine Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
  • Fidanza V1 or V2 Clutch Disc
  • Uprated Pressure Plate
  • Throwout Bearing (Most Applications)
  • Alignment Tool

In response to customer requests, Fidanza is now offering new Qwik-Rev kits for late model Mustang, Camaro, and Corvette applications. These kits include matched components for a complete clutch upgrade, with the exception of bolts (though we are told that Fidanza is in the process of sourcing high-performance fasteners so that in the future, the kits will include them).

The kits are offered in two levels of performance:

  • Fidanza's Qwik-Rev flywheel and clutch combos come in either V1 (solid organic disc) or V2 (6-puck ceramic disc) configuration.

    V1 Kit
    • Sprung hub
    • Solid organic friction disc
    • Best for high-performance street use
  • V2 Kit
    • Sprung hub
    • 6-puck ceramic friction disc
    • Best for high horsepower/torque street use and race applications

The list of cars covered is extensive – there are 13 separate part numbers for Mustang applications alone, covering 1986 to the present, as well as ’98-’02 and 2010+ Camaros, and C5 Corvettes in both LS1 and Z06 trim.

V1 combos for all the GM applications are capable of handling up to 660 pound-feet of torque, while the V2 discs are rated to 850. On the Ford side, the V1 Mustang kits range in torque capacity from 420-530 pound-feet, and the V2 Qwik-Rev kits will handle anywhere from 520-680 pound-feet, depending on application.

Whichever Qwik-Rev kit you choose, you’ll be getting a matched set that will provide better acceleration and quicker throttle response, more torque handling capacity than a stock replacement, and the confidence that comes from using a top-quality supplier for these critical parts.

Fidanza also gave us a glimpse of things to come - this is a lightweight high performance flywheel for a Mitsubishi dual-clutch transmission.