SEMA 2012: FAST EZ-EFI 2.0 Doubles Up On Injectors And Versatility

When an engine part has racing stripes, it’s going to draw attention.

The new EZ-EFI 2.0 from FAST is the next generation of self-tuning electronic fuel injection systems designed for easy installation and operation. And this one also has distinctive looks to go along with numerous advanced features.

“It now supports up to 1,200 horsepower,” says FAST sales manager David Page. “We’re shooting for high-horsepower engines that want the advantages that are inherent with fuel injection.”

And the die-cast throttle body with the integrated fuel rails, matte-black finish and bold stripes?

“We wanted to differentiate our product from any other throttle body on the market,” says Page.

Like its predecessor, the new EZ-EFI doesn’t require a laptop or tuning experience to set up the tuning after installation. The wiring harness to the ECU was even trimmed with fewer connections and given a sleek mesh-type loom. The ECU has also been updated with LED diagnostics, and there’s a new industry-first, full-color, touch-screen handheld programmer.

Improvements to the throttle body include needle bearings instead of bushings for the throttle shaft, redesigned air inlet for higher flow and a raised throttle shaft to help straighten the air flow entering the manifold.

It now supports up to 1,200 horsepower.
         — David Page

The new throttle body features needle bearings for the throttle shafts, instead of bushings. The throttle shafts are raised slightly to provide a little more plenum area under the throttle body, allowing the air-fuel charge to have a straighter path before entering the manifold. Feeding that air flow are eight injectors.

“A first, the move to eight injectors was for horsepower,” explains Page. “What we didn’t expect to see was added benefit of more even cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution.”

The FAST ECU can work with numerous ignition systems, although adapters or a FAST distributor may be required. It’s also capable of driving multi-port systems, dual-quad systems and Inglese throttle bodies. 

The new EZ-EFI ECU now has LED diagnostics that inform the user of functions like crank signal and key on. The system is compatible with various ignition systems, although adapters may be required, such as this LS control. The system comes with a new touch-screen, hand-held programmer.

The system is also compatible with multiple fuel pump options, including returnless style. Plus, the EZ-EFI 2.0 is capable of running E98, E85 and E15 ethanol blends.

Other improvements to the system include a secondary shaft throttle-stop adjustment that allows more precise idle adjustment and an integrated fuel-pulse damper. Finally, FAST offers a cable-mount kit to facilitate transmission kickdown and most types of throttle cables.



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