SEMA 2012: Exedy Clutches For C6 And Camaro

In the height of road racing and drifting comes Exedy‘s clutch packages. Anyone who does any serious kind of competitive motorsports knows that a good clutch is beneficial in being on top of the championship points. When a racer is constantly putting his transmission through it’s paces, it doesn’t take long for the clutch to go south. It’s a good thing then that Exedy incorporates all of their latest technology into every clutch package that they offer. 

“Our clutches are designed with road racing in mind. We develop our products on the track, where it matters.” -Bernie Solomons

When we spoke to Bernie Solomons, CEO of Exedy, he was sure to tell us all about their products. “Our clutches are designed with road racing in mind. We develop our products on the track, where it matters.”

Chief among which is the packages that they offer for C6 Corvette and the 5th-genaration Camaro. Although not typically used for drag racing, these clutch packs are reported to be good up to mid-8 second quarter mile times. Anything quicker than that, and Exedy recommends switching over to a built automatic gearbox.

They’re available in multiple configurations depending on what you’re needs are. They spec in at Stage 1, Stage 2, Hypersingle, Multiplate, and their Carbon Series. All of them offer incredible holding power and are much stronger than anything the OEM currently makes.

At the Exedy booth was just a handful of clutches that they offer for everything from imports to today's hottest musclecars.

For 2013, Exedy officials admit that nothing new for the musclecar market hits the shelves, but they do now offer a kit for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS (this was a common theme throughout this year’s show). But for you owners of V8 musclecars, Exedy is happy to help you out.

So whether you own a 2010+ Camaro, C6 Corvette, or a 2011+ Ford Mustang, Exedy has got you covered.

  • Stronger than OEM
  • Incredible holding power
  • Available in multiple configurations

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