dba's universal slot pattern on the street series brake rotors are new this year.

Disc Brakes Australia (dba) enjoys a fine reputation as leaders in brake rotor technology with their “kangaroo paw” ventilation system, which looks as unique as well as it dissipates heat. This year’s release from the brake company down under is sure to raise some eyebrows and stop people in their tracks. A premium street series brake rotor with universal slot pattern that can be mounted on either side of the vehicle.

The 4000 series T3 brake rotor from dba promises to be a hot seller. dba’s Mark Joseph says,”These, like all of our other rotors, are completely Australian made under one roof. We have our own foundry and machine shop which gives us the opportunity to keep manufacturing tolerances very tight.”

The unique "kangaroo paw" cooling is a dba exclusive feature on their rotors.

The rotor can be mounted on either the left or right side.
– Mark Joseph

“What really stands out about the 4000 series rotors is the universal slot pattern. This means that the rotor can be mounted on either the left or right side,” claims Joseph. “What this means to the consumer is that they won’t have to wait for a left rotor if that’s all they need and the warehouse only has right side rotors in stock. Distributors will be able to cut down the amount of rotors they have to carry on the shelf because they will work on either side. Everybody wins with the universal pattern.”

Joseph assures us that there is no loss of performance with a universal slot pattern. The same features that dba rotors have become known for are all included in the 4000 series T3 universal slot rotors. “They are still quieter, cooler and feature the ‘Thermo-Graphic’ temperature monitoring system,” he says.

Thermo-Graphic heat paint markings on the rotor indicates when specific heat thresholds have been reached.

Disc Brake Australia’s “Thermo-Graphic” heat paint markings are designed to change color when specific temperature thresholds are reached, giving a clear visual indication when a rotor has overheated. “Our customers can easily check their braking performance quickly and easily by looking at these paint markings,” says Joseph.

One feature that isn’t talked about much in the dba product line is stress relieving of the metal during casting. According to Joseph, “Our rotors undergo a process called Thermal Stability Profiling or TSP. This is a process of stabilizing the stresses that are naturally generated in the casting process. By re-aligning the micro-structure of the iron, the stresses are relieved making a rotor that is ideal for heavy road braking and race applications.”

For more information on dba’s line of brake products, visit them at www.dba.com.au.